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Alfano 7 Karting GPS and Data Logging Unit

Alfano 7 Karting GPS and Data Logging Unit

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Alfano 7 Karting GPS and Data Logging Unit


The ALFANO 7 is equipped with a 25 hz GPS, 2.5 times faster than its predecessor, the ALFANO 6, and Wireless communication, opening up countless possibilities for professionals. In fact, we've developed wireless sensors for measuring pressures and temperatures inside tires, as well as infrared wireless sensors for taking temperature readings on the tire surface.

Wireless technology is the only way of acquiring this data, which is essential for tire professionals.

All sensors that fit the 6 fit the 7.

Bluetooth communication is specifically designed for data transfer to Smartphones, tablets and PCs. Quick and easy, it can be activated directly from the shortcut button, even when the Alfano 7 is switched off.

Analyze your data from a smartphone or tablet.

40 hours of autonomy mean you can get through the weekend on a single charge, thanks to our high-performance, low-power electronics. You can also charge your Alfano 7 using a POWER BANK, without having to remove your Alfano 7 from the steering wheel.
Basic unit includes charging packs and RPM Cable as standard.
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